Highway 1: An Installation By Dave Alsobrooks

Thursday, May 12

5:30PM – 8:00PM

Photography and video from David Alsobrook’s trip down Highway 1

Live Music By The Blue Tailed Skinks
Only Burger Truck

Please join us on Thursday, May 12 for an installation of photography and video from David Alsobrook’s trip down Highway 1.

In David’s words: “Highway One began as a recommendation; A recommendation to take the scenic route. Along my path I was overcome with a sense of isolation. I’d been here before, but it seemed different. I found myself in a sea of artifacts belonging to other people: bicycles, refrigerators, churches, nightclubs, lawnmowers and phone booths. But no one was around around to claim them. More than visual stimulation contributed to my experience along the route from Cheraw to Columbia, so I’ve incorporated ambient sound. The air was oppressively hot and humid during my trip and these washed out projections convey the same weary resistance to withering away. An antique church pew is the only seating. Churches form the primary landmarks along this route and the pew lends a sense of reverence to the imagery. The installation seeks to find beauty in the mundane and reflects the fleeting memories of forgotten places.”

About Dave Alsobrooks:
As an artist, David doesn’t prescribe to any specific method or practice; he’s working within a philosophy of art making we calls Materialism. He adapts his techniques and materials to suit his concepts and the viewers of his work. He employs painting, photography, design, collage, relief, sewing, etc. and also branches out with experimental techniques and materials, installations and ambient content. Some of the pieces he’s created marked the first time he used a medium; for example, bleaching a portrait from pinstripe fabric, using bed linens for typography or standing a painting in a pond for several weeks. The outcomes may have been unknown to a certain degree, but Dave embraces the results knowing the techniques employed were tied to the art conceptually. As Dave says, That part is really important to me. Life is sometimes messy and it’s OK by me for some of the art about life to reflect this. Everything is typically sequenced when I’m making art, so it’d be safe to say that process is the single most important aspect of my art.”