Two years ago, when I met Pam, she was very excited, and energetic about her new gallery. I am always interested to know how folks get so turned on by the wacky and way out. It takes a certain kind of personality to find and  present the kind of art that is produced by artist like myself.  Pam is a champion of folk and outsider art, and her artists. The Outsiders Gallery has grown, and hopefully will be a presence in Durham for many years to come.

Cher Shaffer, Artist

In a predominately academic area, selling art is sometimes a struggle but Pam has worked tirelessly to educate the community on something that is just as important to this area as medicine and technology. The acceptance and knowledge of art is the backbone to any successful city.

Kelly Dew, Owner, LabourLove Gallery

As a life long Durhamite, I am amazed a how much community involvement Pam Gutlon has brought to Durham via Outsiders. She has introduced outsider art to us in a way that brings together people from all walks of life and exemplifies the multicultural and diverse reality of who we are in Durham. Her Gallery is not only are great for the art community and artists, but I believe for all of those who participate…be it the musicians, food truck vendors, the eclectic group of folks who come by invitation or just those who wander in and later become regulars at Outsiders Gallery. If you have not visited this charming little Gallery on Iredell Street, you are missing something wonderful and magical.

Diana Bello, Durham Resident

I was lucky to catch an Outsiders Art & Collectibles opening on my last visit to Durham (I live in SF now) – felt like I found the coolest little secret in town. The lady who runs the gallery is great & obviously passionate about outsider art. Recommend a stop-by for people new to the “outsider art” world – I bought a few R.A. Love pieces that continue to bring joy to my home.

An Outsiders Fan