Peter Loose

Georgia self-taught artist Peter Loose saturates the surfaces of his works with dots upon dots of vivid color. Loose celebrates the animal kingdom in his creations, painting all manner of birds, dogs, snakes, and other creatures in palettes that break all conventional bounds. His love of animals can be traced to his works as a naturalist at a nearby nature center, where he teaches young and old about the native animals of Georgia. Loose’s works include birdhouses and elaborate working dulcimers. In addition, he and his wife, Sandy Loose-Schrantz, have written and illustrated two children’s books. In “Bongo Is a Happy Dog”, Bongo, a stray that Loose rescued, explores the universe. “Bongo Has Many Friends” is a delightful counting book for preschoolers and animal lovers alike.

(Bio used with permission from The Ginger Young Gallery)