Lurena Williamson

Lurena is a self-taught doll maker and all of her designs are original and one-of-a-kind.  She has no formal way of beginning her process but just starts playing with textured fabrics, paint and digging through my many boxes of treasures. From there Lurena starts cutting and feverishly mixing and matching and creates all the little monsters and characters of her imagination. People often ask Lurena, ”What inspires you?” Her answer is simple: “Everything! I am inspired by my children, all the places I’ve explored, and the people I have met. My passion for detail is intense. My need for laughter and humor is a must! Whether I am people-watching in the city, antiquing, or jumping around a junkyard, my creative pulse is constantly beating. If my creations make you laugh or smile, I’ve done my work. I hope they warm your soul and tickle your heart.”