John Cornbread Anderson

John Cornbread Anderson was raised on a farm in Lumpkin County, Georgia. As most farm kids he spent a lot of time exploring the fields and woods around him never giving a thought to painting what he learned. Then in 1995 it occurred to him that maybe his experiences were worth recording and sharing. Now his work spills out, recording the animals and critters from the farm he works and the woods he hunts. Recording them as the city of Atlanta grows and sprawls, the artist is concerned about the loss of their natural habitat.

Cornbread uses a vibrant palette and paints in an energetic, strong style most often choosing to paint on large wood panels. Fox, quail and guinea hens are among his favorite subjects but raccoon, deer and fish sneak in from time to time. Cornbread has been described as a religious, southern gentleman and his pieces often include narrative reflecting his thoughts and humor. As his work becomes more and more sought after he still stops occasionally to be amazed that people are collecting his work. But then doing it is what he loves, selling it is just icing on the cake.