Butch Anthony

Down Poorhouse Road, on a piece of land in rural Alabama that his grandfather bought for little more than pocket change, Butch Anthony dwells in a world of wonder. No kidding. He has a “House of Wonder” and a “Museum of Wonder” both filled with wonders from the natural and man made world. He says “people love to wonder” and it’s clear that he is fascinated by everything around him. He collects things – like the bones and fossils that fill his display cases – and he builds things – like the beautiful and extraordinary house where he lives. So, if you take that sense of wonder, the artifact collections, and the construction skills and mix them all together, you get a sense of Butch Anthony’s art. Most of his artwork involves assemblage of found objects into furniture, sculpture, or wall hangings. Often he uses a construction technique that he calls “hogwire” in which objects are more or less sewn together with metal wire. He has been involved with a wide variety of art and architecture projects associated with universities and nonprofit organizations. His work and life are now the subject of a documentary film by Les Blank.