Amy Lansburg

After several years of collecting driftwood from the shores of Lake Superior, Amy began to make pegboards. Soon, flat surfaces with sticks were spent for creative variation and Amy moved into making furniture.

Amy finds something magical in finding the perfect piece of wood or discarded object and manipulating or incorporating it into a piece, enabling its inherent beauty to be seen. She works primarily with driftwood and found objects, although other natural materials find their way into her work.

Ever challenging, working with natural materials has been her journey in personal growth.  She says, “Patience, perseverance and determination have all been tested in the process. Along the way, I have been fortunate to meet many wonderful folks who also work with natural materials and many customers who understand the appreciation. It is often humbling turning crooked sticks into a functional chair but I have found that what, in the past, I would have considered a mistake is simply a path to a new idea.”